Why are we online? By focusing on the reason why the internet is so succesful on getting us hooked on the medium, this project interpretes these reasons to envision possible scenario’s for the near future.

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A new product is proposed to fulfill all our future online needs. Especially
aiming towards future generations
who have not lived in a world without
the mighty medium. The socalled
“Digital Natives”.

What if we could ALWAYS be online, even during our sleep?

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“Haha, I’m constantly dissing
Feed, but secretly ...
I’d really like to try this.
Curiousity has won me over.”
Think for me please!
“Scary, Unethical”
“I would be prepared to pay for Feed if it showed me specific work related content”


Creating a future by designing a
“what if...?” question allowed a test
group to engage in a discussion based
on the idea of a new product.

The responses surface new, unseen
problems that might show themselves
if the scenario were to become reality.
It engaged a group of people to
rethink their first response.

Is this what we really want?